À procura da estrela

Carlos Martínez-Peñalver Mas EN POSTPRODUCCIÓ 2022 Llargmetratge

Xoel, a landscape phonographer, arrives at Serra da Estrela to record the sounds which are about to disappear from Portugal's highest peak. A mysterious melody will drive him on a quest to record its source, losing himself in the mountains. Xoel's journey will become a fragile analogy of the tale that gives its name to the region: The Legend of the Shepherd and the Star.

  • Cast Joel Fontán, Zé María Saraiva, Pedro Martão, Joaquim Viato, Ze Luís Costa, Zé Abrantes, Sofia Borges, Mariana da Luz, Rita Saraiva
  • Director Carlos Martínez-Peñalver Mas
  • AD Andrés Sanjurjo, Arnau Abella
  • OMEN Executive Producer Nico Martínez
  • María Zimbro Executive Producer Elisa Bogalheiro
  • Head of production Arnau Abella
  • DOP Lucía C.Pan
  • DIT Jean Vargas
  • Art Direction Laura Escacha
  • Sound Paulo Lima
  • Length 75 min
  • Shooting format Digital 1:85 (2048 × 1080) & 16mm
  • Screening format Digital Cinema DCP 2K - 4K
  • Color Color
  • Spoken language(s) Portuguese & Galician