Arnau Abella 2020 Shortfilm

Esteve and Valentí must face a long night working together in a road at the midle of nowhere. Trying to get something completed seems impossible due to their antagonistic personalities, but everything gets worse when a girl covered in blood appears at the edge of the road.

  • Trailer

  • Cast Blai Juanet
    Artur Busquets
    Kathy Sey
    Àngela Pujol
  • Director and scriptwriter Arnau Abella
  • Assistant director Nico M. Millán
  • Script and continuity Alberto Bonet
  • Executive production Maria José García
    Uriel Wisnia
  • Production director Júlia Simó
  • Production chiefs Aroa Gangolells
    Dolors Travesset

  • Production assistants Oriol Ramis
    Ovidi Simó
  • Director of photography Cristina Buxó
  • Camera operator Victor Geis
  • Focus puller Joan Planelles

  • Camera assistant Antoine Sonnery
    Anna Cuesta
  • Mechanist Albert Climent
    Judith Sisquellas
  • Gaffer Jorge Basterretxea
  • Sparks Ssoí Ramon
    Yaiza Castellví
    Ferran Porta
  • Still image Aroa Gangolells
    Oriol Ramis
  • Photography supervisor Maria Noguera
  • Sound recording Anaïs Argelich
  • Boom operator Marcel Basté
  • Production designer Oriol Guanyabens
  • Production designer assistant Carla Busqué
  • Make up artist Tània Pelegrina
  • Editor Carlos Martínez-Peñalver
  • Editor assistant Anaïs Argelich
  • Color grading Cristina Buxó
  • Image supervisor Omar Roque
  • Sound design and mixer Marcel Basté
  • Sound supervisor Alejandro Costillo
  • Original Soundtrack The Sey Sisters
    Eduard Gener
  • Graphic design Erika Escudero
  • Camera Pilgrim Rest Project SL
  • Light / Mechanics Pilgrim Rest Project SL
    Bande à Part Escuela de Cine
  • Image and sound postproduction Pilgrim Rest Project SL