Fóra do continente

Nico Millán 2014 Shortfilm

Chefa and Victoria, the only women who share space, climate and isolation in Ons islands (Galicia), understand life in a totally opposite way. The bravery and the energy of one of them contrasts with the fear of what may come from outside of the another one. Fóra do Continente is the allegation that the protagonists themselves make of an almost deserted island.

  • Cast Cesáreo Pérez, Victoria López, Josefa López
  • Director and scriptwriter Nico Martínez Millán
  • DOP Clàudia Barberà
  • Camera operators Arnau Abella, Carlos Martínez-Peñalver
  • Sound recording Pau Torres
  • Original soundtrack Orphan Tracks, Arnau Abella
  • Editor Carlos Martínez-Peñalver Mas
  • Graphic designer Iago Barreiro
  • Original title Fóra do Continente
  • Country Galicia
  • Format HD
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Language Galician
  • Length 21’