No em demanis que recordi

Arnau Abella 2017 Escola Arrels Music video

In 2017 4th of ESO students from Escola Arrels developed a project on the Alzheimer disease. Within the context of this project a song was created, played by Salva Racero and recorded at Estudis Casafont. From Omen we made the music video bringing back to life the youth memories of an elder couple in the scenaries of the Prepirineu.

  • Cast Salva Racero, Montserrat Pons, Josep Bajona, Mia Pla, Roger Bajona, alumnas 4t ESO (Txell, Clàudia, Laia, Raquel, Mariona, Natàlia, Paula, Arnau, Marc e Anna).
  • Director Arnau Abella
  • DOP Víctor Geis
  • Camera assistant and gaffer Antoine Sonnery
  • Production chief Iris Badia
  • Original title No em demanis que recordi
  • Country Catalunya
  • Format HD
  • Aspect ratio 2.35:1
  • Language Catalan
  • Lenth 3'47"