Setelsis, l’escola que recordaràs

Arnau Abella 2018 Escola Setelsis Promotional

Promotional film for Solsona's Escola Setelsis. In the same year of the school's 50th anniversary we go through the places and values it has deffended all this time, always with the students as an essential part to it.

  • Director, scriptwriter and editor Arnau Abella
  • Director of photography Víctor Geis
  • Camera assistant Antoine Sonnery
  • Chief producer Aroa Gangolells
  • Graphic designer Iago Barreiro
  • Color editing Víctor Geis
  • Off voice and main character Júlia Pallarès
  • Off voice recording Eduard Gener (Jezz Rec)
  • Original title L'escola que recordaràs
  • Country Catalunya
  • Format HD
  • Aspect ratio 1:2.35
  • Language Català
  • Length 5’02”