Aquella nit


A group of friends meet again four years after the Erasmus that got them together. Nevertheless, the relationship between them has changed and reality and expectation clash during a dinner that will necessarily change things amongst them. The event will become an evening that for them will always be “that night”.

  • Cast Marta Ossó, Arnau Comas, Ostap Sokhatskyy, Colette Casas, Oriol Guanyabens
  • Director and scriptwriter Arnau Abella
  • Assistant director Laura Martos
  • Production chief Nico Martínez
  • DOP Ssoí Ramon
  • Cameraman José Sibaja
  • Gaffer Douglas Sielski
  • Production designer Martí Pavia
  • Sound recorder Christos
  • Production assistant Iris Badia
  • Original title Aquella nit
  • Country Catalunya
  • Format HD
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Language Catalan
  • Length -