The firm trail

Fernando Gómez-Luna PREMIERED 2022 Feature film

While the camera shots the present picture of an aristocratic hacienda in Andalusia, a veteran peasant narrates the obsession of the landowner Don Jerónimo, last Marquis of Altarriva, with the lynx Larus. The woman reports the incessant search of the elusive feline through the immensity of the bush in order, according to the Marquis, to ensure the stability of his lands. A series of manuscripts, photographs and children's drawings will reveal another reality of the large estate and the territory of the great spotted cat.

  • Cast Daniel Quirantes and workers of Ribera Alta estate
  • Lynx Gael, Lapa
  • Script and direction Fernando Gómez Luna
  • Executive production Arnau Abella Travesset, Fernando Gómez Luna, Nico M. Millán
  • Cinematography Fernando Gómez Luna
  • Edition Carlos Martínez-Peñalver, Mariona Solé Altimira
  • Sound edition Juan López López, Tres Gatos Sonido
  • Music Juan López López
  • Color grading and VFX Bruno Ojeda Molina
  • Pictures David Pugliese
  • Narration Ita Luna Muñoz
  • Original title El rastro firme
  • Country España
  • Format HD
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Language Español
  • Length 80'